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Imports and Warehousing


By leveraging the progressive skills of our young team and our strong network of suppliers throughout the world, we provide an extensive range of product to our customers. Be it fruits and vegetables, meat products, dry food, beverages or our vast inventory of non-edible products, we ensure that we effectively meet the daily requirements of our customers.

As we directly deal with the best of distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers, our products are priced competitively. We regularly update ourselves with new food and other non-edible products which are available in international markets to make sure that we are able to deliver the same to our customers in Seychelles.

We are looking to build mutually-beneficial relationships with international manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors. Some of the countries from where our products are imported include Europe, Africa, USA, China and several other Asian countries. We are currently looking to diversify the suppliers and are aiming to import a diverse range of products at highly affordable prices while also ensuring world-class quality.

It is with the help of our long-term relationships with the suppliers that we are able to consistently offer competitively priced products to our customers in Seychelles on a consistent basis. Our team visits manufacturing facilities, suppliers, international trade fairs, etc. all over the world to deliver the latest and the best to our customers.

Our importing department is made up of product managers, purchasing officers and buyers with vast experience in the industry and in-depth knowledge across several product categories. This allows us to accurately source affordable yet high-quality products in an efficient manner.


All the products that we import are stored in our main warehouse in Pointe Larue. Our main warehouse is equipped with a wide range of facilities, like cold freezers, chillers, bond warehouse and a lot more. Depending on the specific characteristics of the products, we store them in the best possible manner to make sure that the product is delivered to the customers exactly as it should. And to ensure quick delivery, our warehouse is strategically located in Seychelles.

Our importing and warehousing activities play an integral role in our business as it is with the help of these activities that we are able to offer high-quality products to our customers in an affordable and time-efficient manner.

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