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Dairy & Cheese

Dairy and Cheese products are sources primarily from all continents around the world.
They are imported on a daily and weekly basis.

Vendesto Ltd. offers an extensive range of Dairy and Cheese products from all over the world. We directly source the products from some of the largest manufacturers to ensure that our customers in Seychelles always receive the best. Our long-standing relationship with these producers allows us to source these products at highly competitive prices to provide maximum benefits to our customers.

With vast experience in the industry, we have enhanced knowledge about the storage needs of dairy and cheese products. As a result, all our showrooms and our warehouse has adequate facilities to make sure that the products are stored in the best possible condition and are delivered fresh and delicious. Our customers are ranging from hotels, restaurants, ship chandlers and catering companies in Seychelles. As a matter of fact, we already work with several commercial entities and provide them with a wide selection of products on a regular basis.

Right from milk, butter, cheese, milk powder to yogurt and cream, we offer all of it and lot more from some of the most reputed producers throughout the world. We are known for our quick delivery services and you can always rely on the quality of our products as we take adequate measures to ensure the quality of every single product.

Check out the wide range of dairy products that we offer below.

Yoghurt & Cream
Milk Powder

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