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There is an increasing need for high-quality yet competitive vehicles in Seychelles. To keep up with this increasing demand, we have established Global Motors. The company offers an extensive range of vehicles at highly competitive prices. Apart from vehicles, Global Motors also offers a wide range of services and car care products to ensure that you are able to provide the best care and maintenance to your vehicle.

Be it a family car or a truck for commercial use, Global Motors offers all of it and lot more. We understand that the need of every buyer from their vehicle is different. For instance, a buyer might be looking for a luxurious car for their family while someone else might be looking for an competitive vehicle for tough, everyday use. Depending on the needs of the buyer, we provide them with several options to ensure that their needs and preferences are perfectly catered to.

Showroom and Sales Network

As the company is recently established, we are currently carrying our sales activities through the infrastructure and facilities of Vendesto Ltd. On the other hand, our dynamic team of young professionals, based on the needs of the customers in Seychelles is involved in creating a strategic business plan which will effectively meet the vision and mission of Global Motors.

We are taking our time before spreading ourselves in Seychelles to make sure that every business decision that we take ensures exceptional results and allows us to offer the best vehicles and services to our customers.

Current Business Activities

With the help of constant efforts of our team, we have finalized a prime location for our first showroom in Seychelles. Currently, we are in the consultation stage for re-designing the premises to ensure that it perfectly matches the identity of our company. Apart from this, we are also negotiating sales rights with several international vehicle suppliers who are looking to sell their cars in Seychelles.

While the company is still in its nascent stage, we’d soon spread ourselves in Seychelles to offer the best vehicles and motor services to our esteemed customers.

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