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About Vendesto Ltd.

Vendesto Ltd. is a leading wholesaler and supplier of high quality food, beverages, motor vehicles, furniture’s and construction materials in the republic of Seychelles. Since 2005 we have provided a timely and reliable distribution service and today we stand amongst the leading trading company in the country.

Located in Victoria, the heart of the Indian Ocean in the Seychelles, our distribution center and headquarters is perfectly situated to offer efficient and fast delivery schedule wherever you are. We are the one stop wholesaler and supplier for all of your FMCG product needs.

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff provides reliable service ensuring order-taking and deliveries are timely dealt with efficiency. We can supply all aspects of your product needs ranging from dry foods to fruits and vegetables, dairy products to frozen foods, sea food products to meats, beverages to wines and alcohols and furniture’s to construction materials and motor vehicles.

We are offering wide range of products to meet your needs, we proud to be supporting Seychelles establishments for over 12 years. We are committed to stocking vast range of branded and non branded FMCG products, offering efficient customer service and competitive prices to our customers.

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